Activation ball (+ 4 FREE COVER)

Activation ball (+ 4 FREE COVER)

Activation ball (+ 4 FREE COVER)

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Is your dog often bored or lonely at home?

Then this interactive rolling ball is the best new toy for your dog!


Interactive toys are the best toys when it comes to your dog's growth and development. Maintains them for hours and the toys stimulates the senses because as it provides sensations new to them.


A common problem among dogs is unwanted destructive behaviour due to boredom and anxiety.

This can be avoided by keeping your dog busy and maintains it's attention until it is tired. The ball rolls in random directions so that your dog is constantly surprised and amazed.

Some dogs have more energy than others, and since most don't have time to entertain their dog throughout the day, this toy is perfect for stimulating their senses.

Is the ball case dirty, broken or do you just want a different colour? Don't worry, because when you buy this activation ball you get 4 covers for free!

But hurry: the offer is only valid for the first 20 buyers!



  • Stimulates your dog's senses - It is important that your dog is stimulated by external stimuli several times a day. That's why interactive toys are so popular and useful in a home with a dog.

  • Prevents unwanted destructive behaviour and anxiety - If your dog is bored or suffering from separation anxiety, the chances of disobedience are very high. This chance is greatly reduced if they have an interactive toy at hand, so they can direct their concentration towards something that is guaranteed to stimulate and tire the dog.

  • Keeps your four-legged friend entertained for hours - Dogs have a lot of energy, and as an owner you can't always play with your dog all day. An interactive toy that they spend a long time with will ensure that they have a long and enjoyable activity so that they are exhausted and satisfied at the end of the day.

  • Helps with your dog's growth and development - Interactive toys are always new to dogs and they have to work hard to understand what's going on. By stimulating their senses and keeping them occupied, you'll be helping enormously to speed up the development of your four-legged friend. Dogs who, like humans, don't receive the right stimulation to develop and maintain their bodies and brains are more likely to experience age-related diseases.

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